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Seaside Presbyterian Church

Welcome to Seaside Presbyterian Church

A friendly Church in coastal Encinitas

Seaside Presbyterian is a small Church located a short walk from StoneSteps Beach and nestled in a residential neighborhood just off the Hwy 101 in Encinitas California.

Traditional and Contemporary Services

Sunday we have 2 services that meet the needs of a diverse congregation.


9:15am Service: A time of worship and praise music with a live band led by Pastor Beau Moffatt and sermon by Senior Pastor Steve Barke


10:30p Service: A traditional Presbyterian litergy with a mix of hymns and contemporary songs and a Sermon by Senior Pastor Steve Barke

Seaside is characterized by three words:


Seaside holds fast to the Old and New Testaments as the Word of God, the only inerrant rule of faith and practice as led by the Holy Spirit


Seaside's purpose is to meet Jesus Christ individually as the personal savior, to share Him with all people, to fellowship wiht others who believe, and to learn together from His Word.


Seaside's organization is free and independent. The congregation holds ultimate power under God and elects a pastor and a board of ruling elders to lead and guide the church. These leaders are always subordinate to the congregation under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

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Seaside Youth are raising money for summer programs. You can help by purchasing a Love God Love People T-shirt. See Pastor Beau!